Client decided to not continue

Hi Coaches. I’m feeling a little discouraged. Today, I got an email from one of my clients who is at the end of her 3-month coaching package. Basically, what she said to me is, “I can’t afford coaching anymore because work has been slow. You have helped me SO much and I hope work picks up, and I’ll reach out when it does.”

My immediate thought was
“She is using work as an excuse to not hurt my feelings and didn’t find me helpful (because if she did she would be prioritising this.)”
F: Shame
A: Question my program
Question myself
Question my decision to become a coach
Tell myself that she hasn’t lost the weight she wanted to lose
Remind myself that she was often ‘flakey’ and would cancel our calls all the time
Question my effectiveness as a coach
Tell myself I’m a failure as a coach
Buffer with social media
R: I don’t reach out to coach her through this

T “She didn’t get the result she wanted from coaching”
F: Guilty
A: Question my coaching
Buffer with social media
Question if what I did with her was correct.
Don’t see all the things that I did help her with during our time together
Don’t acknowledge that she often didn’t show up and didn’t do the coaching work
Tell myself I feel like I have to take control of her outcome, despite her not having done the work
R: I feel responsible for her results

please help coach me on this