Client energy overload

Hi Brooke i just joined your program and joined because i was finding my “unwind” “relax” was that glass of red wine (or a few) at the end of the day. Firstly your program has given me so much already I’m 14 days no alcohol except for 1/2 glass of champagne at a formal dinner which i struggled to drink. My lightbulb from the model is this; I’m a spiritual coach/ mentor and have a flourishing center in Sedona Arizona. I see around 10 to 15 clients / students per week but at the end of the day i feel out of balance, not in the world and have been craving red wine or coffee just to bring me back. I love my work and have an international client list of people who are doing amazing things in the world i really want to show up for more. Do you ever have coaches experience this and is there any advice you can offer ? Im wanting to really understand this?
Kindest regards