Client Model-Making Sense of R line

I am currently enrolled in the LCS program. I had my first official zoom session with a practice client tonight! This is the the model I came up with.

C-Homeschool CoOp on Thursdays
T-For the kids’ sake I just have to endure
A-She attends coop, grins and bears it, needs to take a nap after, spins out in her thinking, doesn’t feel present with her kids
R-From her thinking she is creating an enduring experience?

I wasn’t sure how to word that result. I wanted to say something like “For your sake you are enduring it” but it doesn’t really make sense to me. Also I wasn’t sure if the circumstance I gave was specific enough. There were several circumstances within the Thursdays CoOp (certain women there, her children’s behavior, what people say and do) that I thought it would be better to just generalize the circumstance a little bit. Is that wise?

Also, once I helped her see that her thought was creating her misery, and poked a few holes in her current thought, I could not for the life of me come up with a different thought to think for an intentional model. She and I were both stumped. We flushed out an emotion she wanted to feel but I really struggled to come up with a new believable thought. Any ideas?

ALSO haha will someone please tell me that I will get better at this? That it won’t feel so mechanical? I feel like before training when I coached people it felt organic and now I feel like my brain is a semi-computing machine that is struggling to get the data it needs LOL Thanks!