Client more appropriate for therapy?

Hi coaches, I’m in the July CCP and having an amazing experience. I have a client who I suspect may get more appropriate support in therapy but would like some help parsing it out. In our session last week during her thought download she described issues with feeling overwhelmed by both her work schedule and her efforts to seek accommodation for a disability. (She has not disclosed to me the specifics of her disability.) I asked her whether she’d like to focus on her work schedule or the accommodations, and she chose her work schedule. I built a model about her work schedule. When I delivered the R line of the model, the client said, “That’s unbelievably offensive. I can’t believe you would think I’m making up my disability in my head.” During our exploratory conversation following the model she said that some people with her level of work are driven to suicide. I asked her directly when she said that if she was contemplating suicide herself or had intention to hurt herself. She said no. While she seems functional, she also shared that she’s only sleeping five hours per night which is causing sleep deprivation related symptoms. My instinct is that coaching may not be the best fit, and that she may need a therapist, but another perspective would be appreciated!