Client not showing up & making it mean something about me

Hi coaches,

I’m a weight loss coach. I have a client that I have been working with for around 6 weeks now, 4 weeks ago she was making steady progress and was showing up and doing the work. The last 2 weeks she has been resisting me and the coaching calls. She is not showing up doing the work, and keeps telling me she feels so demotivated.

Once we dug a bit deeper into this, on where the demotivation comes from and what she is truly thinking to herself- she started to resist me. She started to question my method, stating that the only time she has ever lost the weight is when she has been on restrictive diets and doesn’t see how my method could work. We dug a bit deeper into this in our call and she felt a bit better. Last week she emailed me twice once again saying she had no motivation for anything. I coached her and responded.

This week she has not booked her coaching call. She usually does so at the start of the week and I have just not heard back from her. I have reached out twice by email and she has not responded. She has paid for 4 coaching calls this month, and so far we have only had two.

I am having such anxiety and mind drama about this. I realize that I have this huge anxiety because I feel this responsibility for her results. I feel like she has paid me, and is not making progress and that is somehow my responsibility. I keep having the thought that she isn’t booking the call, and will want a refund or try and damage me or my brand.

I also feel like a fraud because I feel like maybe I don’t know what I’m doing (even although I have had other clients who have seen amazing success). I’m just indulging in self doubt and feeling in a rut about it. Please help coach me on this!