Client package ended

Hi Coaches

I’m having a bit of a bitter sweet feeling.
My coaching package just ended with one of my clients. She is seeing such amazing results and truly said that coaching has changed her life.
She has lost over 30lbs with my coaching, and is well on her way to her goal to get to her 80lbs weight loss.
When a package ends, I usually give my clients the option to continue on a month to month basis as the initial mandatory period is over.
She told me that she has decided to not continue with the coaching for a month to see where she is at. She said that the coaching tools that I have given her have changed her life and that she feels like she needs some time on her own to see how she copes. She said that she will reach out in two months or so if she feels she needs help, as she feels she is able to coach herself with my tools that I have given her.

I have mixed emotions about this. On the one hand, I am SO happy that I was able to help her and change her life. I’m so happy that I was able to equip her and give her all that she needed and that she feels confident to try it out on her own. (YAY!!)

On the other hand I feel sad. I feel like we just went through the basics and that there is still so much for her to learn and level up on. I almost feel like it’s a little premature- and feel like I could really show her new techniques to take her to the next level. I also feel a sadness because I feel like I have just lost a coaching client (even although it’s for a good reason)!

Please help coach me on this