Client results

Hey Brooke,

The VIP call today was really helpful, still digesting it and look forward to the replay.

The past couple days of my homework have been around the thoughts “I’m not an expert like so and so” “She knows how to get her clients consistent results and I don’t.” Perhaps my main thought is “how can I charge for coaching if I haven’t seen consistent results with clients. After someone buys a session I can’t guarantee they’ll lose weight.”

This belief/thought has kept from moving forward, the models plays out like this:
C: 150.00 consult
T: I can’t charge money if I can’t guarantee a result
F: defeated, insecure
A: buffer and avoid my biz
R: no evidence whether or not I can get results for people.

Part of this belief has come from my own experience buying something from someone who was new and not getting the result they promised or being disappointed in the service.

For the intentional model I’m wondering what the thought should be:

C: 150.00 consult
T: I can offer my clients guidance but it’s up to them to achieve the result?? (this sort of seems like deflecting responsibility)
F: secure
A: make offers to people
R: start learning how to help people get results.

I guess the question I’m wondering is if it’s okay to charge someone money when you’re new and working out your process? And do I need to be thinking about results for the client differently?