Client Seems Annoyed With Me

Hi coaches,

I am a WL coach, and I have some clients that just have AMAZING results.

Then I have other clients that take a little longer.

I have a 3 month program, where I give clients the option to renew their coaching month-to-month after should they still need it.

In particular, I have one client who keeps on losing and gaining back the same amount of weight and ‘hovering’.

This is happening because of multiple reasons, but she hasn’t fully worked through all the stuff. We have been working through this in coaching, but she has been resistant and taking a little more time to be open to it all.

Her 3 month package ended yesterday and she was shocked. She said to me she is not yet near her goal, and doesn’t want to be coaching indefinitely as she wants to save for a house. She said she wants to stay on for 2 months and see what happens.

She seemed irritated and upset. I started to feel self doubt roll in and feel like my program doesn’t work, or I don’t know what I’m doing and feel like I have failed her. I also started to feel guilty and guilt, like why have I not helped her get to her goal yet and doubting my ability as a coach.

But then, LOGICALLY I know that although I have had clients who have coached and gotten their results in 3 months, and some who have taken longer and gotten theirs in 6 -9 months. I also tell people before they sign up that the 3 month program is an introductory thing, and we see how far you get in 3 months and if you need any additional support thereafter.

This has impacted some of my new sales calls, as I start to wonder if I can really help people lose the weight and what if they are just resistant to it and aren’t as receptive to coaching as others? I have LOADS of evidence that my coaching DOES work, and would say 90% of my clients get the result they want. It is just that 10% of people STILL get results, but just not EXACTLY where they want to be and end up leaving because it becomes less of a priority to them.

Please help coach me on this!