Clients results

I am really growing my coaching business, and it feels amazing- but at the same time I’ve been facing new challenges like never before.

One of them is that now I have more clients. I’m faced with an array of things. In particular, I have clients that are doing well, and some that are struggling.

Lately I have been feeling like I have been making my clients struggles mean something about me as a coach. I want so deeply to give my clients the results that they need- but keep on getting caught up with 1-2 that are going through tough times.

I keep feeling like I am responsible for my clients results, and I currently have 2 of my clients who are not seeing the results they need due to us needing to do more unpacking.

C: Client texted me that she has gained weight.
T: “I don’t know what I am doing”
A: Question myself, panic, start to feel “graspy”, start to doubt myself, don’t trust the process, don’t remind myself how this has happened before and its worked out, don’t remind myself how this is PART of it, don’t see all the amazing things that I am teaching her, start doubting myself and my ability as a coach, tell myself I’m a  fraud, start to feel like I don’t have the tools for this
R: I make it mean something about me as a coach

C: Client says things are hard at the moment, and she is struggling with over-drinking and feels like nothing is working.
T: “I don’t know if I have the tools to help her”
F: Anxious
A:  Give her late invoices, having mind drama about when/if she is going to leave coaching, don’t see how she has said I have helped her so much, worry about her during the week in-between sessions, start to doubt myself, start to doubt my ability, start to find out all the reasons why this is a bad idea.
R: I make it mean something about me and start to doubt my ability as a coach