Cliffs Notes Version of The Model


I wanted to create a summary of the model for myself to put in the notes section of my phone to keep me on track when thought drama starts to show up. I wanted to summarize the general principles for myself. Here’s what I came up with, and I was wondering if I should tweak any of the language or if I missed something. Thanks so much!!

There are events that happen in my life that are factual. These are circumstances. If brought up in a court of law, they could 💯 be proven true.

There are sentences in my head that I say to myself over and over again. These sentences are called thoughts

Oftentimes when a certain circumstance occurs it will trigger an untrue sentence or thought.

A thought I think over and over becomes a belief

Many of the sentences that I say to myself are untrue and also toxic and unproductive

When I think a toxic or untrue thought my brain may tell me that it is true. Though it may or may not be true, it is possible that it isn’t serving me or helping me achieve the results I desire.

When I continue to indulge in toxic thoughts I will quite possibly start to have feelings or emotions that are equally as toxic, unproductive and non self serving.

Those toxic, unproductive feelings will quite possibly cause me to perform or not perform certain actions. In other words I’ll do or not do certain things based upon my feelings or emotions.

My actions ie: what I do or do not do will determine my ultimate results.

As I look at my life, if I want to see different results it all starts with taking a look at those sentences in my head, getting curious about, and questioning them rather than allowing them to run wild.

Then I must begin practicing those thoughts that serve me best, that feel more productive.

Life is 50/50 so the goal is not always to feel good all the time. But ultimately I can choose thoughts that serve me for whatever I need most.

Choosing better thoughts will impact how I feel , what I do and ultimately the action that I take and results I get.