Clinging to Money

When I joined scholars in May I set a goal that I would not teach private music lessons after August. Tomorrow I will teach my last lesson. I have a very successful group class that I have tripled in size since making the decision to let go of private teaching. I nearly tripled the number of people who come to the class and now it is a viable source of income. Now that my classes have grown I have more expenses — I have to pay 2 venues to host my class instead of one and I need my assistant to work more hours. The amount of money going out is more, but I have also gotten much more. It is now time to pay the venues and I am really struggling with wanting to cling to the money. My thought is: I just quit my regular source of income and I don’t know where the next money is coming from. This makes me not want to pay ANYONE ANYTHING. Even the grocery store. On paper, I am making 100K this year. I have a plan, the math and the numbers. But I have never made 100K as a musician and so my brain is freaking out. I am very uncomfortable and am clinging to money as though I will never get paid ever again. My brain constantly tells me lies such as “no one likes your classes,” “you are a low caliber musician” and “you are a bad teacher.” I am disconnecting myself from these thoughts in order to bring in abundance to my business, but I am clinging to every dollar we have and living in complete scarcity. I want out of my thought prison with money. I want to see money as neutral but it is completely charged for me. Please help!