I’m driving myself crazy about a relationship I have right now. I’ve been dating a guy that I’m super into for about 6 weeks. He is not into constantly texting, which I kind of like. But i find myself spinning into paranoia wondering what he’s possibly doing when he doesn’t respond right away. Especially now that there’s not a whole lot to do! I also found out that he went out a few times with someone I know. They haven’t seen each other since he and I met but according to her, he asked her to get together last weekend but then canceled.

I don’t want to ruin this relationship! I want to go with the flow and let things evolve naturally. I can see that this relationship is here to teach me patience and to not cling, but I keep defaulting back to wanting to cling and be jealous and put pressure on things. I guess the underlying issue really is that I need to be ok just being by myself for now and not look for a relationship to help me feel wanted and loved. I know all of this intellectually but I can’t seem to stop defaulting to the thoughts that make me feel desperate and paranoid! Does it just take tons of practice in redirecting the thoughts?