Closet Clean out

Ok so I planned my closet clean out 6 days ago. 6 days ago for today from 3-5…and I procrastinated 2hours and 25 minutes past the start time. I found pizza that needed to be eaten, I needed a cup of coffee, I felt a cold coming on which resulted in me needing a nap. 🙄 I had so many random thoughts that mostly boarder on I don’t think it even needs cleaned. No it’s so fine I know exactly what is in there. But the tug o war in my brain saying just do it. O another thing you’re not going to follow through on. Pushed me to find a way to silence the war thoughts. And the one thought that got me there was remembering Brooke saying something about her coach saying do this and this and her just following exactly that. Nothing more nothing less. My coach asked me to clean my closet. So I cleaned the closet. It’s beautiful. 4 black garbage bags of stuff were removed. The funny thing is I don’t feel giddy about the clean closet so much and the quiet content happy brain. It’s saying there done with that moving on! What’s next!