Closet Mess the Husband dislikes

I’m not sure the best way to approach this situation … would love some insight that would help me.

C: Husband opens the closet door to the itty bitty room we refer to as “the pit.” Items are leaning strangely against each other in a heap all over the floor. The door barely opens as it hits into an item in the closet. He says, “You let it get this way. I have no part in this. This causes me so much anxiety.”
T: He doesn’t understand how busy my life is to care about the state of the closet. I care about other things more at this moment.
F: Frustrated.
A: Get upset at Husband slightly. Tell him that I have been focused on other things. Try to convince him that the closet should be the way it is right now.
R: Upset at myself for not having a good response that I like as this issue comes up again and again.

Would love your insight! I guess I’m wanting him to see and understand me. To see how busy my work is to create my big dreams and how I do want the closet to be clean, but it’s just not my main priority right now. I’m wanting him to see this and understand me because I’m thinking that if he does, he would get it and it would be okay that the closet is like this right now and that he wouldn’t be as anxious about it. Or, if he had a problem with it, he would clean it up himself lol. What I would like is to know what I should be thinking to give me the result of feeling good about the situation so I’m not frustrated. Thank you!