Closet question

As I was cleaning out my closet, I had the idea to give/throw away my winter clothes that are size L/XL because I’m losing weight and they won’t fit me any longer when this fall/winter comes around. I can see how it reflects confidence that I’ll be successful but it also puts some time pressure on me to be successful by the fall. The worst case scenario is I don’t lose weight and have to buy new clothes. The best case is I lose weight and have to buy new clothes. The safe choice is to put my winter clothes in the garage and see if I’m successful or not in the fall. I was thinking to put these options in models to help me decide. Would they be results of current models? Or should I put them as circumstances of future models to see what results I would create? Or maybe they are actions? I’d very much appreciate some advice on how to use the model to help me decide. Thank you.