Closing out projects in order to focus

I’m wondering if someone can give me a little guidance with this thought error jumble I’m starting to unravel.

I have a certain number of projects, some of which I’ve been procrastinating on and dragging out.

I’m claiming overwhelm and confusion and “they’re too hard” to get started on/finish/now’s not the right time, among other thoughts.

But one main thing my brain is doing is saying “In order to focus on the most important things that drive my business forward, get me closer to reaching my goal weight, etc, I need to close out these lingering projects AND THEN I can focus on these important things. Right now, I can’t fully focus on them until I clear my roster a bit, because having all these other projects going on competing for my attention is distracting me from doing the important work.”

So I’m stuck between having the urge to “work harder” to act my way out of overwhelm, which of course is 100% ineffective, but nonetheless the strategy I’ve used in my life up until now.

Versus cleaning up my thoughts around the overwhelm, which of course is the answer, and THEN knocking out a couple things in order to tie up some loose ends.

My ultimate goal would be to combine these two “methods” – a.k.a. clean up my thoughts THEN act my way into less projects, but not finish up projects in the HOPES that it will solve my overwhelm problem.

Right now, I feel like I’m fighting between just work harder to get more done so that I can knock out the lingering annoying procrastinated projects but also, “I shouldn’t rush into trying to act my way out of it until cleaning up my thoughts.

A real catch 22, and I think my brain is trying to keep me comfortable and safe in overwhelm in order to not have to do scary business things. I’m still doing some scary stuff but want to do more scary and less comfortable.

Could use some wisdom. Thanks coaches!