Closure part 2

Hi again,
I didn’t include in my previous post thst I haven’t heard from my MIA friend for weeks now. Even after leaving voicemails and sending her texts – which is how I determined the friendship is over. At any rate I am operating on the following model and sort if replay it in my mind whenever a thought of her pops up:
C- M no communication for weeks T – She’s taking action based on her thoughts that may have nothing to do with me F – relieved A – continue thought work, do models, work on myself, know that this is happening for me R- More confidence in myself, realize I don’t have to deal with any drama about it, continue to grow and evolve
Does this seem more on track? Also, I was listening to the recent live call in which the woman was talking about her husband who gets mad is she eats carbs. He sounded really controlling to me, which I understand is his choice but at what point should she be setting down boundaries as opposed to having to deal with his emtional childhood and his manual toward her? I found it a little confusing…