Clothes, clothes, clothes…..The CLOSET DARE

Hello Brooke,
I dared myself to clean out my closet that hasn’t been cleaned out in a few years. I’ve had previous bad thoughts and feelings about it. I took every piece of clothing out. I am currently in a 12-14 and had clothes in there from sizes 4-14. I boxed up ALL of the smaller sizes that are still cute. I bagged up lots for donations. When I changed my thoughts, this project took time, but there was no drama. It’s just numbers on tags. Right now I am not that number, but plan to be in the near future. I did not eat during the clean out, but I did put my headphones in and listened to a bunch of Stop Overeating lessons. It was perfect! My closet just has a few pieces of clothing that currently fits. I have 3 totes full of “new” clothes that I am storing, but told them I will see them soon!! 🙂
Today I am going after my dresser drawers! Rocking out the clothes dare one piece at a time! Go for it friends, it’s amazing!
Thanks Brooke for challenging us with the Dares. You rock my friend!!! 🙂
p.s. I’m down 8 pounds since starting SCS June 1st and changing thoughts is the bomb diggity. I just really dug into the weight program yesterday