Clothes Hook

My family and I just moved in a new place. My husband and I want to buy clothes hooks. I’m frustrated because he doesn’t like what I like. We don’t have the same taste. I’m an artist, he is an engineer, and I think he doesn’t know anything about design, his tastes are vulgar, what he likes is ugly… And I think a husband and wife should have more in common than us, we are not a good match, he should have married an engineer and I should have married an artist, I should feel love, enthusiasm, pride, and not frustration. Things should be easier if I had chosen the “right” partner.
And I’m very frustrated because I’d like this situation to be “solved” by my thought work, I’m working so much on the situation, writing models about it everyday and things don’t get easier.

Unintentional model
C we are looking for clothes hook to buy on the internet with my husband
T I don’t have access to what I really want
E frustration
A criticize his choices, say: “Could we stop?” and “Could we talk about something else?”, stop looking for clothes hooks, criticize our couple, focus on what is not fun in this experience
R I deny myself access to the relationship I want

Intentional model
C we are looking for clothes hook to buy on the internet with my husband
T It’s ok to be frustrated
E acceptance
A consider the experience as neutral, relativize, consider frustration as a normal part of married life
R I feel the frustration and don’t create frustration about frustration

Do you think I could consider that frustration is part of the marriage package? Maybe I will feel frustrated everyday over and over because of my thoughts about my husband and our relationship and it’s a normal part of being married ?