Clothes Shopping – Thank you.

This is huge for me.

First of all, since joining SCS on June 2nd, I am down 33 lbs. Made it through my first plateau and had no drama around it – beautiful. Woo hooo! Thank you!

What brings me here, today: I have been putting off shopping for new clothes because, “I hate clothes shopping.” But, pins were barely able to help me with my pants, this week- so it was time – no matter what. I caught myself complaining to someone about how much I hate clothes shopping, and then decided to do a model on it b/c if I want to coach others (I do), I have to be able to coach myself through life – even (ugh) clothes shopping.

Starting Model
C – Clothes shopping
T – “I never find anything.”
F – resentful
A – complain and give up after two bad outfits
R – not find anything

New Model
C- Clothes shopping
T – The perfect clothes are waiting for me – I just have to find them.
F – Excited
A – Look until I find them
R – Clothes!

What happened: I spent 2.5 hours trying items on (normally I’d last 30 minutes), I found a complete new work wardrobe that I’m super excited about – including dresses (so exciting!). The best part is I came home with energy. This has never, ever happened for me when I shop. Oh. my. gosh. There is so much power in our minds. I am completely refusing to let mine boss me around anymore. So much fun! I can’t believe how long I was willing to wear these baggy ass pants to work. Now, I’m already excited about my next round of shopping when I’m down 20+ more pounds. Who would have thought.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Much love to all.