Clueless on "DO"

On pg 19 of August, purpose workbook is the following line:

Include the things you NEED TO LEARN, the SELF-COACHING you will need to do, and the OFFERS you will need to make.

I have a prioritized detailed task list of what I would classify as results.

I do not know what an offer is.

On the self-coaching my mind immediately wants a list of the different kinds of self-coaching. What is on this list?

I am trying to download thoughts, notice feelings when I have trouble executing and am trying to remember to look for the thought that enlivens me, the idea being to execute with positive emotional energy in place of fear. I have a tendency to get myself tangled in negativity and “following the rules” and forgetting about looking for what thought generates life and excitement in me (go juice).

I need to learn what it looks like to come from a place of being worthy, enough and lovable. I am having trouble even allowing myself to consider this place. How do I work on this?