Co parenting frustration time scheduling

The mother of my 2 and a half year old is requesting a week of time in December to “try out” a recording studio.

We are both Full-time musicians. I am conscious of organizing my time in an efficient manner. She is less so. This studio is on the other side of the country. She doesn’t even know if she’s going to make an album there but presumably, that will be another couple of weeks of time if it’s a yes.

I think I’m basically frustrated because I don’t want to care how anyone spends their time. But her choices around time affect me in the sense that now I will have my daughter alone for a week so she can try something out. Normally we do 3-3 days swap. I have done longer spells plenty of times when she has been working but the bit of it that feels frustrating is that she is not organizing her time to be efficient which in turn puts me in the position where I FEEL like I have no choice other than to say yes.

I take issue with the extracurricular nature of some of her time requests. When I organize my time I make sure to work as much as possible in my allocated time or if I do request she Has our daughter for longer than a few days it’s only when I’m actually working.

I’m tired of feeling frustrated