Coach/Model Guidance

I did a thought download this morning and based it around asking myself what I was afraid of, from that I have done two models but could do with some additional guidance/feedback and if taking the next steps is starting to ask the right question:

Model 1:
C: Someone will make a comment
T: I am afraid that I will be embarrassed
F: Afraid/Embarrassment
A: Inaction -> I don’t advertise my services, I don’t do anything, I procrastinate, I learn without taking massive action
R: I don’t move my life coaching business forward. I don’t grow
From this I wrote the questions that I should be asking myself next is, When has this happened, So what if this happened, if this happened what thought could I have instead

Model 2:
C: No announcement on social media that I am a life coach
T: I’m afraid to announce that I am a life coach
F: Afraid
A: Haven’t announced on social media, not taken massive action on website, haven’t exposed myself
R: 0 Clients
Questions/thoughts on this was What would/could happen if did announce. What if I announce and got 50 people saying that they wanted to be coached

Any help and guidance is appreciated