Coached live around a dry (alcohol free)Thanksgiving!

Hi Brooke,
I just wanted to share some amazing progress I’m made with my family around alcohol and the holidays. When you coached me live, back in October, around a dry Thanksgiving, I knew you thought I was CRAZY!! However, it was truly the best thing I ever did for our family. Although there are still a lot of mixed emotions within the family, I have never felt so proud of myself and confident in my decision. My dad was AMAZING, older sister was overjoyed, I felt incredible. My step-mom and younger brother, not so much, but I’m working on them! Anyways, apologies in advance for the length of my post but I really had to share this letter with you that I wrote to my step-mom and brother. I felt so powerful writing this letter and never would have done this without all of your amazing guidance and influence. So thank you for everything, and I’ll see you at the next modelthon in January!