To Be Coached Or Not & Singing Your Praise

Hey Awesomeness!

I am that screenwriter and thank you for your previous answers 🙂

A year ago I hired a screenwriting coach with great knowledge and record, and few sessions into the coaching I asked to freeze them because I felt blocked and stuck creatively and felt stressed out for each next call with her.

After doing much reading and understanding the anxiety of the writing life I realized I will have to learn to accept and welcome the anxiety and do the work regardless, without attachment to its result.

I still have credit with her and am feeling torn about whether I should resume the sessions or do it on my own, as probably 80% of the people who ever generated a screenplay did.

When I think of the reasons to resume the coaching I think of the deadlines I will have and the advice.
When I think of doing it on my own I think of being able to create my own deadlines, that I have enough in me to do it on my own, and that I can always seek her advice after I completed the 1st draft.
I wonder what is your take on this.

P.S. – Those three videos you posted last are magnificent and if there was a page for newcomers who consider joining the SCS I would have there quoted testimonials and I would be the first to write a testimonial as a scholar who shouts to the ponderer ‘Get Your Ass in Here ASAP!’

{One day, Brooke, when I’ll be interviewed or get an Emmy or Oscar, I will use real names and yours will be said loud and clear, so stay tuned.}

With gratitude.