Being Coached – My Personal Reason

Hi Brooke,

I had a long conversation with my partner about this before joining SCS this month. I’ve listened to your podcast from day one and after 6 long months of being on the fence (let’s call it what it was: indulging in confusion) I decided to give myself the gift of SCS and joined.

Here’s my WHY: I don’t need an accountability partner; I’m responsible and accountable for 100% of my own actions. I needed the tools to get myself out of my own head; the tools to managing my brain and thoughts. Also paying for it monthly makes it my #1 priority for me to put coaching as the first thing I do in the morning; I’ve seen that change in my life already!

What I’m looking to benefit: Getting out of my own way and taking action. The 3 results I want to see happen in 1 year of SCS are: 1) Lose the 20lbs I’ve been yo-yoing for good and become 115 lbs! 2) Feel better in my life: I know I have an amazing life and I let my brain tell me otherwise. I also want to change my attitude about work from: What can I get out of my job to how much value can I add? and 3) Stop buffering and show up in my life! This means focusing on the art I want to create vs buffering with food, spending from a place of abundance and fueling my life with the things I love instead of buffering with eating out.

So far the tools you’ve provided have given me so much work to do I haven’t thought about being coached live. I am attending weekly and learning from others. For my first goal of losing 20lbs: I’m on a protocol, daily I’m doing the homework, thought downloads, feeling my feelings, stop buffering and reading your book: If I’m So Smart Why Can’t I lose Weight and doing the excercises. I don’t have a particular issue at the moment to be coached on and I’m wondering how should I be utilizing you as my coach aside from this Q&A section when I haven’t faced huge impediments yet? Are there any other feedback you would give for me to continue growing?