Do coaches need a distinct program if the problem isn’t something as distinct as weight loss?

Hey Brooke. Is it necessary to have a program for clients to go through? I don’t have a clear 6 step program for my clients because everyone is different. My clients are 25 – 35 year olds going through a Quarter Life Crisis. They come to me either in a high stressed state hating their jobs and wanting to get out or depressed and unfulfilled. I get both out of their states and taking more action, but getting a new job is sometimes a matter of time and they don’t always know what their dream job is so I get them experimenting and on their way, so they’re only with me for about 3 – 4 sessions. I solve the initial problem, but because the results aren’t as huge or distinctly measurable like weight loss, I don’t feel like I’m a powerful enough coach. How do you get your clients to be with you for longer? I know you’re probably going to say over-deliver. I feel I give all I know in those 4 sessions though.