Coaching 10 people a week

Hi Brooke. I have an interview for Aug/sept certification course and Ive set my impossible goal as coaching 10 people a week (free), whether I am accepted or not on the course. Its impossible because i dont know how to coach and i see the vast personal growth and learning that has to happen. My thought process is that if i do all my practicing on the way to the certification course by the time I start my coaching business thereafter i would have fast forwarded my confidence, learnt a lot of lessons and completed mamy of my fails ahead of time which would give me a great start.

There are a lot of reasons why this is not possible and I got so excited when i wrote the stratergies to each of those reasons. It was like I was seeing the person that I am.going to become in the attempt to achieve my goal which will be measured weekly.

What flaws can you see in my logic? What may I not have considered yet?