Coaching around finding focus and motivation

Along with everything else 2020 has thrown at us, my husband was in a bad bicycle accident and broke his arm a few weeks ago and is out of work while it heals for 6 weeks. I’ve had to move from “taking care” of my business and myself to being a Caretaker.

I have been working on (and making progress towards) my Impossible Goal, but I suddenly feel stuck. My brain is throwing a lot of negative thoughts, old patterns (I’m a martyr), a sense of overwhelm and “why bother?”, and other drama at me.

I want to get focused + motivated and work towards my goal – but my brain is all over the place, even when I do my 20 min coaching sessions I can’t find one thing to talk about – I just feel overwhelmed.

I’d love coaching on how to get focused and motivated and back on track for my goal. Are there any workbooks, podcasts, practices I can try?

Thank you!