Coaching Biz Question

I focus on helping people design their lives (dream, plan, implement, etc.) and I was about to launch a new company doing this at a higher level (with 8-week coaching programs). However, at almost the same time, I was contacted by an individual who wants to start a new network marketing company built around Success and Lifestyle Design Coaching Products – which I would be in charge of putting together. I’m trying to decide which way to go, because if I partner with the network marketing expert – I’ll be able to reach more people faster (and probably make more money faster) – but many of these companies don’t last a long time and I think people see them as “scams” – which might hurt my brand. Alternatively, if I just start my own business, I won’t have distributors promoting it for me – so it’ll grow slower, but I won’t have any concerns about the network marketing aspect. So I’m trying to figure out if I want faster success and greater immediate reach now … or a longer path to success and financial rewards – but without any attached concerns about network marketing legalities, brand issues, etc. I see pro’s and con’s for both. Any thoughts on what you might suggest?