Coaching Call

Hi Brooke, Thanks for the live coaching on Thursday. I did not intend my first experience to be this way. But it was timely. I have yet to watch it back.
Firstly, my fear and panic thinking about my creative deadlines and fear of failure was the reason I asked for coaching. The interesting thing about those feelings was that when I cancelled my solo show because of my husbands health situation the feelings evaporated. This shows me my thoughts do create my feelings. I admit part of me was relieved to be out of the fear and panic and let the solo show anxiety go. So that is interesting and feels unresolved.
Secondly I need help to deal with the inevitability of losing someone I have lived with for nearly 50 years. Thanks for bringing my attention to the humaness of marriage and the light and shade that makes up relationships. I am finding it difficult to use my new scs tools at present only because of the intensity of the situation.
Thanks to fellow scholars who posted their compassion about my situation.
I have booked with Suzi for extra coaching. For now I will experience this passage with dignity. I do think that love is present within grief and loss. We wouldn’t grieve if we didn’t love someone. Do you see it that way?
Thanks for everything