coaching certification question

Hi Brooke,
I found out about you by reading a forward in a book by Martha Beck and had planned on doing her coaching certification but now I see that you offer it also. I decided that I’d like to do some self-coaching first so am on my 2nd month in Self Coaching Scholars (and love it!). I’m a little confused now tho on which direction to go for certification and wondered if you could help me with which questions to ask myself that might direct me one way or the other? I am really wanting a program that will both help me figure out what my best strengths are (I LOVE Martha’s mantra that we all have gifts and I want to really dig deep, identify that for myself and figure out how to build the rest of my life around mine- clearly that is what you have done for yourself:) and I also want a place where I can get guidance on how to actually set up the business, from marketing to billing, etc….or whatever all there is involved- I figure why to reinvent the wheel if someone else has figured this stuff out. Then, of course, there’s learning how to coach and not understanding if these are very different approaches? Thanks so much. All the best,Mary