Coaching Deb (and me)

Hi Brooke, I watched you coaching Deb about the projection of negative thoughts onto her husband. Oh I felt so connected to this condition. The reality of it in my own marriage hit me full on. You also suggested that when someone becomes Ill or passes away we reconnect to all the good things about that person. This is so true. I see this happening in my day to day as I am with Ray in the hospital. Now the opportunity to work though my projection of my negative thoughts during our marriage onto Ray is urgent and will unfold differently. I see where I chose to only see his annoying aspects in the past instead of understanding that it was always my neg thoughts in disguise. He is actually perfect the way he shows up in his life. Now when time is running out I can see the positive was always there. I just missed it because it was easier to indulge in projection and blame rather than address my own inner negativity. Time is short but I have a window coming up where I will be bringing him home for a while. Brooke can you coach me a little here to help me reconcile this within myself . I don’t want to choose guilt, regret or remorse.
Deb, do the work. Don’t wait.
Love Marianne