Coaching family members – my daughter

I am thinking about the ethics and effectiveness of coaching my daughter. My current thoughts are based on my past experience that it’s often difficult to help friends and family members because of ‘the prophet in their own land’ syndrome where support and advice from close ones is shunned and sometimes even ridiculed or minimized.
I notice my daughter’s struggles with anger and wanting to be a loving wife – and I think the work we are doing on relationships this month would help her. I want to share what I have been learning and want to construct some useful thoughts about this. So far I am thinking ‘I can share the models that have helped me and she can decide whether to listen or not’ or ‘She may criticize me and my past behaviour and that’s ok’ or ‘Mums are there to guide and support their kids even when they are adults’. Any other suggestions for intentional thoughts please… as I feel slightly nervous about making myself vulnerable her and opening myself up to criticism.