Coaching folks with PTSD and other trauma related issues

Hey amazing Brooke
Do you coach people with phobias? With unhealed traumas and PTSD type symptoms?
My dad did things that were hurtful to me when I was 4 yrs old and I tried so hard for many yrs to find the “thoughts that heal”. I loved him so much and he devalued me with his actions. (he was an alcoholic with self esteem problems)

He died so many years ago and I never resolved anything with him. I have been battling phobias, feelings of terror and dire need for approval. I have had billions of hours of therapy. Recently I have been allowing myself to experience the core feelings. Today I thought “I may never heal from this, and that’s OK. I am very angry at my father for his actions, and that’s OK. His actions shattered me. This is what feels true for me”.

This is the first thing ever that feels honest and brings relief. All these years I had wanted to “get over it”. I did not want to be limited by childhood trauma. Now I think, this will be something that informs me, that grows me, but I’ll never get over it. Still, I can be strong and move forward, knowing this is my experience. Something good can come from it. Maybe lots of good can come from it. Nonetheless…I will probably always know this pain.

Wondering what your thoughts are