Coaching for children – resources for parents?

I have a 9 month old and a 4 year old. I am 46 and just now coming to coaching and understanding that I am responsible for my thoughts, that my thoughts create my feelings. I want to raise my kids knowing they can look at their thoughts, change their thoughts to affect how they feel without teaching them to ‘bypass’ or invalidate their feelings. Is there advice about when to start teaching your kids coaching concepts? It seems like I could do a good bit of damage by telling my four year old to ‘just think different thoughts’ and you wont whiney all day long. At what age would you introduce these concepts? How? Is there ‘coaching for kids’? Certainly there must be coaches who help parents be with kids… who are they? Acknowledging there are no perfect parents, I would love to become an expert at parenting with ‘coaching’ framework so as not to give my girls the same baggage I am working through- guilt, judgement, criticism, procrastination, perfectionism etc. I would LOVE to one day write a children’s book about some of these concepts.
Do you have advice about this? Where to start? Books? Coaches to talk to?
Thank you!