Coaching friends to get started

I am very drawn to the idea of coaching others, and want to dip my toe in by offering to coach 2-3 friends and acquaintances (one is super on board, the other two I haven’t asked yet).

I seem to remember you coached friends and family members when you started out. Am I remembering this correctly? Is this something you recommend?

Should the sessions be free, or is it better to set a nominal fee so they have skin in the game and actually do the work? Or the first session is free, and if they want to continue they pay a small fee?

I’m sure there isn’t a single right way of doing this and I can just pick one and know it is right, but I’d love for you to weigh in one way or another.

Thank you!

PS: I have listened to the entire How to Become a Life Coach series. Thank you for offering it.