Coaching in Certified coaching practice call

My model
C certified coaching practicum call
T if I could do one good one I would feel better. When I ask why my answer is: so I don’t confirm how stupid I am to myself.
F pressure
A I judge myself, I lose track of where I am, I freeze up, I always have to ask for help, I have no confidence
R because of my thought if I could do one good I could feel better. It sounds like a kind of good thought but is my poison thought because it puts more pressure on that is driving me into a lot of
negative action.

Intensional model
C. Certified coaching practicum call
T. This puzzle of the model will come together with lots of practice I am in no hurry
F relaxed
A. Do my practice models every day, watch videos of coaching calls, Do my 20-minute weekly coaching every week. Do book work for each week. Watch my thoughts as the watcher No judgment behavior Lots of compassion
R. By the thought I’m am not in a hurry it will all fit together perfectly it creates the feeling of relaxed which in turn fuels the action to learn.

Am I getting the concept correct