Coaching my Husband on weight loss

My husband wants to lose weight for his health. He has tried different approaches (personal trainers, weight loss clinics etc.) and has had limited success. He does not want to pursue “outside” help anymore so he is looking to me (as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, phys-ed grad) to help him.

My question is how do I approach this? I have always referred him to colleagues as I have been afraid that I won’t be effective (too easy on him and afraid to be judgmental).

My question is how do I approach this from a model perspective as it is his model but he has asked me to help him (so it is my model too). Do I work through a model with him? Do I have him do thought downloads or are we both doing thought downloads? I find it hard to think of him as a regular client so I need the support of a different model on this.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated:-)

Thank you so much!