Coaching Nerves…

Just a quick share. I had to laugh. I’m a new coach (2 clients) and one of my clients just referred her daughter to me. About 30 minutes before the call, I felt a lot of resistance and fear – so I did a thought download and wrote out what I was thinking. Some interesting things, like “I hope I don’t suck” and then “I suck!” and “I hope everything goes okay” and “I hope she doesn’t hang up in anger and disgust and tell her Mom I’m a terrible coach” and all the things that brains like to make up. Fun!

What made me laugh is that I got the referral because the client’s daughter “judges herself too harshly”. Perfect fit, I thought!

So I worked on some Intentional Models before the call – and came up with “Every single call has gone exactly as it should have. This one will, too” and “Every coaching call is for me. This one, too” and “The Universe only sends me teachers. I’m excited to find out what this new client will teach me”.

So I’m all pumped up for the coaching call… and she doesn’t call. LOL.

The Universe taught me that a good coach is always their first client. And the best way to show up for my clients is to keep showing up for myself, first and always. Doing the models. Actively choosing my thoughts and feelings. And showing up in a way I want to show up for my clients … clear, certain, and open. Regardless of whether they make calls or not. 😉

C – Coaching Call

T – I always show up certain, clear, and open for my clients

F – Certain

A – I do models before coaching calls to create intentional thoughts/feelings so I show up as my most resourceful self

R – I showed up with certainty, clarity, and openness for my 1st client, me.