Coaching niche (Cystic acne)

Hey Brooke!

In a follow up to your question on my coaching niche, you asked me “What will they google to find you?”

This is what I came up with:

– how to get rid of cystic acne naturally
– natural cystic acne remedies
– natural cystic acne remedies that really work
– natural remedies for cystic acne
– best cystic acne cures
– treatment for adult cystic acne

My worry is that all of these searches lead me to answers that provide home remedies, or products people can use of foods to eat, but most of them don’t address the stress and mental/emotional aspect of it. So this is where I get stuck.

I try to think of it from the perspective of your Stop Overdrinking program for example. If I search what I would google, “Why do I drink so much?”, nothing from you shows up. So how did people find you? I feel like that’s the piece I’m missing. Can you explain how I bridge that gap?