Coaching niche — The emotional load of French mothers

Dear Brooke,

I’d love to get your thoughts on the niche I have been refining:

– French mothers in their mid-thirties living in Paris
– High education with a “good-student” mindset
– Introspective, highly sensitive, identify with being “emotional sponges”
– Perfectionists
– Gratifying corporate career in an industry they’re proud to work in (media, fashion, design)
– 2-3 children 10 and under
– Loving relationship with husband
– Rich social life (girlfriends, dinner parties, fun cultural events)

And yet, in spite of this “dream life” on paper, they never feel content or at peace.

They find themselves constantly overwhelmed, exhausted, and resentful about the “emotional load” they feel they have to carry for their family. They feel everything about the kids and house is their responsibility, husband doesn’t take initiatives, doesn’t think ahead, doesn’t think of the kids’ needs, forgets stuff, relies on them to take the lead, prioritizes other areas of his life.

They feel they’re left trying to keep track of everything, anticipate and plan for everything, and manage the entire household — on top of their professional, personal, and social life, if there’s any time left. Their relationship with their husband becomes tense as a result, they feel lonely and frustrated, and everything they do, they do begrudgingly like it’s a chore and they got the short end of the stick.

There is a French term for this “emotional labor” that has been much talked about in recent years (and was brought back to the front of the media scene a couple of months ago). This would be my “what problem they will google to solve” : how to lighten one’s emotional load.

My offer is that I will help them:
– put an end to the overwhelm, exhaustion, and resentment
– gain clarity around their wants, needs, musts, and shoulds
– loosen up the relationship with their husband and find their way back to each other
– identify practical solutions to lighten their workload, and free up space on their schedule and their mind
– regain a sense of joy and gratification in everything they do

What do you think?
Thank you!

Clotilde in Paris