Coaching Niche Question

I know you’re super excited to respond to yet another “coaching niche” question. (I majored in sarcasm in college). I’m thinking of coaching 30 to 50 year old male introvert business owners on overdrinking. Here’s my thinking on this – On the big birthdays – 30, 40, 50 – people get mental “wake-up” calls that “I need to change something”. And, at about 30, the body seems to stop processing alcohol as quickly as in the 20’s – and it just gets worse over time. So the “I can drink all I want” becomes “This drinking habit is becoming a wall to what I want”. In addition, introverts seem to need to drink more to deal with social situations (which are often required as an entrepreneur) – and entrepreneurs have so much they want to accomplish, any “anchors” (like alcohol) seem to start to be a thorn they know they need to resolve. The “male” probably isn’t necessary. I’m a male – but I’d prefer to help everyone – but targeting men might make sales copy easier to write – since it’d be in a voice they get. Not sure on that one. I thought about going higher in age – up to 60 … but unsure if the mental pressure is as high there (or maybe it’s higher) – since some people think “60 is almost done”. It’s not “almost done” for entrepreneurs – so including “up to 60” might make sense. I can see running FB ads to people who follow Gary V, Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson … mainly male motivational and marketing experts with large followings. Does this seem to be a tight enough niche – or is there something I’m missing?