Coaching others with an agenda

Hi Brooke, I’m currently enrolled in the online certification training and am loving it. I’ve also started to realize something about myself that I need to work on. With certain clients, I’ve realized that I have an agenda, which I know is a big no no.

Here is my model:

C: coaching Kat about sexual harassment
T: I want my client to be happy so I can feel good
F: needy
A: ask leading questions, push my client to a place she’s not ready to go
R: I stop being a coach for my client

Ok so it’s out there. I know what it means to have an agenda now. I’m trying to understand my R – is my model correct? I really want to build my awareness around this and clean up my thinking so that I can show up as the amazing coach I know I am.

Here are some new thoughts I’ve come up with: the most powerful thing I can do for my client is show her her mind; only my client knows what’s best for her;

Do you have other insights you can share?