Coaching People – Feeling Dread

Hello. I’m currently coaching people for free, and while I truly want to continue doing this (and eventually be a paid life coach), I’ve noticed I have the thought of “I don’t feel like it” that comes up for me ~1hour before it’s time for me to actually get on the coaching call.

C: I see on my calendar that I have a coaching session scheduled in an hour.
T: I don’t feel like it.
F: Dread
A: Get ready for the coaching session last minute. I’m not fully present & slightly distracted during the session. I don’t do any self-coaching prior to the session. I don’t prepare for the session like how I would want to be preparing.
R: I don’t feel like I’m being the coach I want to be.

I don’t understand why my brain goes straight to “I don’t feel like it” right before the call, even though I have the thought “I truly want to continue doing this.” It’s unsettling to have these contradictory thoughts, especially since the “I don’t feel like it” thought and the feeling of dread feel more intense & true in that moment.

Could you please offer intentional Ts to counter the “I don’t feel like it” thought? Perhaps: “The thought ‘I don’t feel like it’ is a lie?” Thank you.