Coaching Question. Clarification and a comment.

Dear Brooke,
Other than your ScS you work you train coaches in your teachings.
Do you train coaches to teach like you through a particular lesson structure?
There are lots of coaching schools out there that seem to focus on the marketing of a coaching business rather than the teaching. I would very much like to learn how to coach through your method, but from what I understand you method of coaching training is under change and know longer on offer. I hope that you continue to coach coaches as what you are doing needs to reach so far and wide, will you?
BTW Its interesting, I log onto SCS through google and since then the “google algorithms” consequently are throwing up all manner of links from other coaching business on how to build and market a coaching business. ( I never even new there was a coaching industry) The thing that Ive noticed is that they don’t talk about the actual syllabus of what they’re teaching, rather just making money. (Not that there is anything wrong with making money 🙂 Is that odd?

I love your work. I had (created) an amazing shift in a crappy day thanks to revisiting one of your podcasts.

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