Coaching sessions- "Right and Wrong"

I have noticed that my brain likes to think about there being a “right and wrong” way approach tasks and sometimes this hangs me up with coaching. The other thought that comes up is that “spending time on me is a waste of time and money” because I think I keep coming back to needing a “positive result” from doing coaching and if I go into a sessions “unprepared” or finish a session and don’t feel different or resolved, it doesn’t feel productive. I conceptually understand that life is 50/50 and there isn’t always going to be positive results and that the point of a coaching session is not to feel “resolved.” I also think I get stuck on needing to “feel prepared” for a session or how to “do it right.” Like my brain goes to “maybe I’m not doing this right” So I want to get away from “right and wrong” with self-coaching.

Looks like there is a lot to unpack there! Thanks 🙂