The Coat Closet that is changing everything

I’ve never had a closet that has space I can see into.
The coat closet in our entryway was the first space I choose to work on in October. It was packed FULL. I couldn’t store my vacuum or other items without a physical fight with its contents. I got in the car one day and my family asked what happened to my neck. “The mop and I were fighting over my jacket” I said. When we arrived back home it was clear the mop had won as it was completely across the room.

You somehow knew just what was needed. October’s work began.
I followed each step.
Emptied everything out.
Asked three questions of each item.
Said goodbye.
Then created what I wanted.

Here, months later, empty hangers sway ready for a guest’s jacket during these cold months.
I vacuum my home with ease and do it often now.
Spot cleaning the carpet in a pinch if there is a spill (or a puppy accident) takes little effort and a lot less drama.
My family knows where to find their coats and winter gear before we walk out the door,
then they’re welcomed home with a space to put them back.
Searching for these things no longer causes us to be late.

I am intentional about what goes in. My family is beginning to follow my example.
It is a space that allows room for the people and important things in my life.
A Coat Closet,
Quietly spilling over into other areas of life. Producing Peace, Love, Joy, Ease, Intention, Skill.
Who knew a simple closet could hold a key to so much goodness?
You did.
Thank You.

As expected the question begs…what else is possible? So excited to look back a few months from December’s work.