‘Cocaine’ Once A Week

My aunt has been on Food Addicts Anonymous for five years and with great success at keeping her weight off permanently.
She plans her meals when at home or when she travels and she allows no grab-assing whatsoever. She doesn’t tolerate any deviation nor exceptions.
On one hand she enjoys a much healthier life and she loves how she feels and looks, and on the other hand, she is constantly busy planning, writing down, weighing food and logging what she’s eating. She calls it her part-time job.
She told me that the reason her program works is because it recognizes that certain foods create addictions just like drugs and when are removed cause real withdrawals and have negative effects on people’s health and happiness and so elimination of them for good is key.

Brooke’s teaching starts by saying that first of all, we can eat whatever we want and can include whatever we want in our protocol. While she suggests to eliminate flour and sugar, she encourages us to have joy eats and I find time and time again comments here of people who suffer tremendously after eating flour and sugar. I know I need myself to work really hard each time I eat flour and sugar as my exceptions.

Why not use the FAA recommendation to never have these foods again then? Why allow ourselves to have our ‘cocaine’ once a week?