Cocky about cooking from scratch

C: The meals I cook for me and my boyfriend, my cooking skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience in cooking from scratch (using more basic ingredients and less pre-made ingredients and sauces), other people on earth who cook using pre made ingredients, sauces, etc.
T: I’m better than them because I cook from scratch.
F: Righteous

A: I judge others who use pre made ingredients
A: I cook meals from scratch
A: I avoid cooking with ingredients that are pre-made as much as possible
A: I initiate gossip conversations with my boyfriend about the person/their flaws (working under the assumption that they are somehow flawed because they cook with pre made ingredients I guess??)
A: Pre-decide that the meal someone made me is not going to be “as good/delicious/healthy/taste as good” because they used pre made ingredients
A: I don’t consider that pre made ingredients might be better

R: I reaffirm my belief that it is better to cook from scratch.

Is that the result of this model? I always try to not put something along the lines of “gather evidence for the thought” in the R line, but I’m drawing a blank on the result.

For context, growing up my mom cooked a lot with pre made ingredients, sauces, and boxed dinners, and I think somewhere along the line I decided that “If she really loved me, she would have cooked from scratch more.” And that belief has extrapolated into this model.

Ultimately, I want to continue believing that cooking from scratch is better than using pre made ingredients wherever possible. I don’t love that I’m judgy and righteous and cocky about it. Would love an outside perspective. Thanks coaches!